South Cicero Media logoHello

This is the blog for South Cicero Media.  This blog existed on another site on the Internet, but, quite frankly, the old site was experiencing more and more problems, especially with logging in so new posts could be created.  So the decision was made to move the blog over to WordPress, who is well known for dependability.

South Cicero Media is the production logo under which Keenan Powell releases his films.  Keenan, who is originally from the Chicago area, 87th & South Cicero Ave., has been interested in films and history for as long as he can remember.  His passions were combined when he began making films that are, for the most part, historical documentaries.  He has finished films on the invention of television, on WWII, on the late John F. Kennedy.  Now, he is trying to finish a film on the town where he resides, Owensboro, Ky.


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