Owensboro Project Update

     Just a quick update on Owensboro: Portrait From Mid-America
     Work is progressing.  I’ve been editing the major segments and they are beginning to come together nicely.  I still don’t know how long it’s going to be till I’m finished with the film, but I would say the film is about a third of the way finished.  I’ve been identifying holes in the video portion that I need to fill with specific shots.
     This has been a fun project, especially editing.  I’ve been editing each of the major segments as small collages.  It’s being an interesting effect, especially with Owensboro Mayor Ronald Payne and Daviess County Judge Executive Al Mattingly.  Both men are very nice, decent human beings who have their own beliefs.  It’s not that they disagree with each other on the broad ideas, but they each have a different way of viewing different ideas.  A good example is the way these two view growth in Owensboro.  Judge Mattingly thinks Owensboro is just right, but he does see that Owensboro will grow, so he would like to see that growth be smart growth.  Mayor Payne wants the city to keep moving forward, but he wants the growth controlled growth.  Both men do not want to see the growth overwhelm  the existing infrastructure, bit to make certain that the growth that does occur includes the infrastructure.  They each bring their own viewpoints to questions about Owensboro.  It was a joy interviewing these men and editing their interviews.
     This project has been an interesting learning experience for me so far.  This project has forced me to developing interview questions, conducting interviews.  It is nice that the subject is local, but I will need to continue to develop planning for the next film project won’t be quite so local.
     Coming in 2013: Owensboro: Portrait From Mid-America.  A South Cicero Media production, a film by Keenan Powell.

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