Owensboro: Portrait From Middle America

Smothers Park, Owensboro, on the Ohio River

Smothers Park, Owensboro, on the Ohio River

Not the greatest name for a film, I admit, but much better than the working title, “Stalking Project.”

My Owensboro project is finished. Next step will be artwork and getting the film to the distributor as well as making plans for exhibition and getting copies to film festivals.

This film is not quite what I envisioned at the start. How many filmmakers say that about any movie they create? This film is not quite what I envisioned, mainly because I wasn?t able to interview sufficient people for this film. This film tends to be a little on sided for my tastes. Something else to remember in the future.

This has been a nice learning project. I’m lucky it was a local subject. Made things a little easier. However, I need to work on organizing for projects. Furthermore, I can’t allow myself to be intimidated by people or locations. I took my lighting with me to interview Judge Mattingly and Mayor Payne, but I intimidated myself, let their offices make me very self-conscious and didn’t use them. The end film shows it. Let me state, for the record, Judge Mattingly and Mayor Payne are both good people who went out of their way to help me relax. I allowed myself to become intimidated. And I can’t allow that to happen anymore. The next film I’m planning on will be larger in scope, so I need to do everything right the first time.

There are technical problems with the camera work and the sound. Some were unavoidable, such as taping Governor Brashear’s speech at an outside event. Some “shaky camera syndrome,” learn to use your tripod more, quit laughing when your hand is still on the tripod. You’ll see.

I’m very glad I followed through on this project. This was the first time I conducted any interviews at all. I wish I had conducted more interviews, but I did arrange all the interviews, by approaching people in a professional manner, both by letters and by simply talking to people. Although several people declined to be interviewed, it is good that some agreed.

This won’t quite be the last you hear of this film, with any luck. But I’m already to begin the research for the next one.

Here is the link to the trailer for Owensboro: Portrait From Middle America:



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