Return of the Son of …


The original
Dr. Mel Praxis

What would you guys think about me reviving Dr. Praxis? Originally, Movie Madness with Dr. Praxis was an animated series. I’m thinking, in addition to working on films, etc., of reviving the animated series, maybe on a limited basis. Once a month, twice a month. This would still be the rough, limited animation, but it might be fun.

What do you guys think?

This time, though, I think it will be a web based only program. That way, I can use independent movies from friends, etc., without having to worry about nudity, as well as a few Public Domain films, cult movies, etc.

I don’t know exactly where it would be shown. I would entertain thoughts about some of the different Internet TV sites people have set up, but I might just set up something of my own to show this and maybe other things.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Comment me on Facebook or Twitter, but let me know what you think.



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