Relish: A Spicy Flavoring for Murder

relishIt is Time!

In Lord Dunsany’s “Two Bottles of Relish,” we know that a murder has occurred, but nobody can figure out how the body has been disposed of. The facts are these: The murderer is said to be a vegetarian. He bought two bottles of relish, six days apart. During the two weeks after the disappearance of his victim, he cut down ten larch trees and chopped them into two-foot lengths, but never burned them. He did not leave his home after the murder; the ground under and around his cottage has not been disturbed. Perhaps you have guessed the solution reached by the amateur detective in the story. But what about the trees? Why did he cut them down? The last line of the story gives the answer:

“Solely,” said Linley, “in order to get an appetite.”

South Cicero Media is preparing to film a short film version of Two Bottles of Relish simply entitled “Relish.”

I read this tale by Lord Dunsany sometime back in high school. It has stayed, more or less, in my memory ever since then. I’m pleased that this story became the basis for a short film of mine.

On Sept. 30th, Oct. 1st, 7th & 8th, we will be doing the principle photography for Relish at the Creme Coffee, 2nd St., Owensboro, KY. I’m looking for four (4) people for the cast and 2 assistants to help me. I’m afraid this cast/crew will be volunteer. Perhaps next time, I will have a budget that will allow me to pay for cast/crew, but not this outing. However, I will make certain people have appropriate credit for their efforts. If you are interested, please message me through my Facebook profile or through


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