Relish: a Love Story

Hee Whack!

Hey, South Cicero Media has some news to share with all of you.

First of all, filming on our short film, Relish: A Love Story, has been rescheduled for January/February of 2015. There are a lot of reasons for the rescheduling, some personal, some not., but suffice it to say that everyone is better off all around.

Second of all, we have casted three of the four characters! Agreeing to appear in our film is Adam Pryor, Jody Hulsey and Lauren Brown Calhoun.

Adam Pryor is a well-known actor around the Owensboro area, having portrayed people in Voices of Elmwood and Theater Workshop of Owensboro production of A Few Good Men and A Christmas Story.

Jody Hulsey has also been seen in Voices of Elmwood and several productions with OCHS, TWO and others. Jody is the owner of Double Windsor Records.

Lauren Brown Calhoun has been in local productions of the Nerd, the Rabbit Hole as well as a wonderful part in Voices of Elmwood. She will soon be seen in the Back Alley Musical production of the Drowsy Chaperone.

We are still waiting for one more person to accept or reject our invitation to perform in our little opus. We’re really hoping this person agrees to perform with us.

We can still use a few assistants during the filming. No, knowledge of filmmaking is not necessary. Quite honestly, I don’t want my assistants standing over my shoulder whispering “You’re doing that wrong.” We would like to have at least one assistant who has had enough experience with cameras to not be afraid of using one of our pickup cameras.

Relish is happening, people! Since this is planned to be a very short film, we plan on uploading the finished film to Youtube for everyone to view for free.

Watch for Relish: A Love Story and more films from South Cicero Media!



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