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The Music Box


I have started a fund raising project for the new film, The Music Box.

The Music Box is a story about one man who had to face what he considered the worst night of his life, till he walked a mile in the shoes of someone else.

James Maxwell is a successful lawyer in the legal department of a television station with a wife and kids. Most people would think of his life as being good.

But there is an underlying sense of sadness to James Maxwell. He was an up and coming financial manager who flew across the world to complete his deals. While he was in Japan on a business trip, his first fiance, Susan, died after a drunk driver collided with her car.


All James had to remind him of their time was a small music box he had bought for Susan. Nothing very special, not very expensive. But it was something she enjoyed from the beginning of their life together.

A while after Susan’s death, James met and married Pamela. Together, they built a life, including children. James left the financial market, opting for a position in the legal department of a local TV station where he wouldn’t be traveling so much. James kept the music box on a mantle in their house.


To spare Pamela’s feelings, James never told her why the music box was so special. Due to a mistake, Pamela sold the music box as part of a yard sale. She sold it to an elderly man she had seen in the local park.

James became frantic about wanting to reacquire the music box.


James was able to track down the elderly man, Henry Stein, who turned out to be a Holocaust survivor. He had wanted the music box because the box reminded him of a box his mother had when Henry was a child. Henry Stein could listen to the box and remember all the family members who lost their lives in the Holocaust.


My campaign is only asking $1500.00 dollars from people at large. There aren’t many perks available for this movie. I don’t know what I will do about the dancers, but I’m really not expecting any one person to give me $1000.000


So far, for the cast, I have an agreement with the fabulous Patrick Higgs as Henry Stein. I still need one male and two females for cast members.

But, the exciting news is that I’ve lined up Alexander Clark to be my director of photography with his soon-to-be wife Bri Lewis as his assistant and my dear friend Liz Metcalf will be returning as my assistant director. My good friend, Shane Michaels will be co-producing this film with me.

In addition to the needed cast members, we need someone who can handle the sound recording and someone who can be the boom operator.  And a make-up artist who can age a person a few years.  If anyone would like to talk to me about the job, contact me through southciceromedia@roadrunner.com


For everyone else, I could use $1500.00 dollars to help flesh out the budget. Please consider donating to me. If nothing else, please share the link for this blog. If you cannot help, maybe someone who sees it on your page can.


Owensboro Project Update

     Just a quick update on Owensboro: Portrait From Mid-America
     Work is progressing.  I’ve been editing the major segments and they are beginning to come together nicely.  I still don’t know how long it’s going to be till I’m finished with the film, but I would say the film is about a third of the way finished.  I’ve been identifying holes in the video portion that I need to fill with specific shots.
     This has been a fun project, especially editing.  I’ve been editing each of the major segments as small collages.  It’s being an interesting effect, especially with Owensboro Mayor Ronald Payne and Daviess County Judge Executive Al Mattingly.  Both men are very nice, decent human beings who have their own beliefs.  It’s not that they disagree with each other on the broad ideas, but they each have a different way of viewing different ideas.  A good example is the way these two view growth in Owensboro.  Judge Mattingly thinks Owensboro is just right, but he does see that Owensboro will grow, so he would like to see that growth be smart growth.  Mayor Payne wants the city to keep moving forward, but he wants the growth controlled growth.  Both men do not want to see the growth overwhelm  the existing infrastructure, bit to make certain that the growth that does occur includes the infrastructure.  They each bring their own viewpoints to questions about Owensboro.  It was a joy interviewing these men and editing their interviews.
     This project has been an interesting learning experience for me so far.  This project has forced me to developing interview questions, conducting interviews.  It is nice that the subject is local, but I will need to continue to develop planning for the next film project won’t be quite so local.
     Coming in 2013: Owensboro: Portrait From Mid-America.  A South Cicero Media production, a film by Keenan Powell.

The Stalking Project

Today, I have started editing on my Owensboro project.

The Owensboro project is to be a video snapshot of the town of Owensboro, KY.  Owensboro is a small town along the Ohio River.  It was, at one time, the third largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky; it has lost that place to Bowling Green, Ky.

Owensboro does have a long history.  The first settler of Owensboro was William Smothers, for whom Smothers Park, along the Ohio River, is named for.  The Lewis and Clark expedition spent a winter at Owensboro just before they began their historic trip out West.  The Owensboro Wagon Company, established in 1884, was one of the largest and most influential wagon companies in the nation. With nearly eight styles or sizes of wagons, the company set the standard of quality at the turn of the 20th century.  The Ames Motor Car Co. and the Ames Corporation, which manufactured furniture, were both founded in Owensboro.

Owensboro is like several other communities.   Does it continue to grow?  Or does it settle in for possible stagnation?

There are several reasons why I am pursuing this movie.  The first, and foremost, is I thought about this movie as a time capsule for the future.  This is how Owensboro was at this particular time, this is how the people felt and thought.  Secondly, it is part of my growth as a film maker, as a documentarian.  Not only is this subject local for me, it has forced me to conduct interviews with people, writing up the questions, finding places to conduct the interviews and the actual interviews themselves.

This has been an interesting learning experience.  The official name has not really been chosen as of yet, the original working title for this project was “The Stalking Project”, hence the name of this blog.  “The Stalking Project” grew out of some jokes between my friends and myself when I was telling them about photographing and videoing crowds of children in the parks.  I assure everyone that I will not make nor allow anyone else to make use of this footage for any project that is less than desirable.  Yes, this means I will be very careful with the footage of the children.  I’m really surprised that I haven’t experienced more trouble from the taping than I have experienced.  One parent questioned me, but he accepted my explanation about why I was photographing and taping him playing basketball with his son.  I’ve only been questioned by an officer of the law, deputy sheriff one time.  Standing on an overpass over Frederica Street, at around 6:30 A.M., a deputy sheriff stopped to make certain everything was all right.  (When I first pulled up to the spot where I wanted to tape from, it was still dark.  I left the emergency flashers on my car going so the truck drivers would know someone was around there.  It’s nice to know that they will contact law enforcement if they think a person is in trouble.)

Editing has started today.  I may need to film a little more footage.  I don’t know;   it will depend on what holes occur in the video portion.

I would like to thank Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne, Daviess County Judge Executive Al Mattingly, their staffs, Keith Lawrence and several other people who allowed me to interview them and who agreed to participating in my film.

Here’s to the fun part…